Bus 45 seats for rental

Transport Newland is the most of Car rental prestigious and best  price the market, our current car rental 4 to 45 seats per month, quarter, year on year, rental car service business trip, Wedding car hire, car rental oto go sightseeing or festival …. are attentive service

Also our Company have cars from 4 seats to 45 seats with the latest vehicles to serve our customers best.

Newland Transport team with experienced driver will guide you 1 trip safely and efficiently. Many nice cars, new cars life.

- Serve fun, caring, prestige

- Driving experienced.

- The most affordable car hire prices, unbeatable.

Complete peace of mind when hiring 4 seats in Newland Transport

Commitment from Newland Transport

  1. Driving hand have many years of experience, drive carefully on each km, cheerful, enthusiastic => safe fun trip.
  2. New cars, car clean while ensuring customer service.
  3. Put the car fast, just contact to the operating room schedule.
  4. Be on time for pick-up.

Add: Floor 12A02 – Court HH2 – Huu Street – Nhan Chinh – Thanh Xuan District – TP. Hanoi

Website: http://newland.vn

Email: thuexe@newland.vn – sales@newland.vn Phone: 04 66733377/62977711 – Hotline: 0983003317





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